Prophet Allwell Godday Aguocha, known as The White Lion, was born of the Igbo tribe, of priest and kings, who are the lost tribe of Israel and of Jewish decent and is married to Apostle Dr. Helen R. Aguocha. As a new resident, of Plainview, Texas and an ardent supporter of his homeland, Owerri, Imo, in Nigeria, Prophet Aguocha has served and contributed to several neighboring communities and tribes in many facets. He is a graduate of Rehoabath Christian University of Divinity and Government College Umuahia, in Abia State. Prophet Godday Aguocha is the Co-Founder and Pastor of OIMZION International Global Ministries & Missions, in Texas and Stream of Life Zion International, Nigeria, in addition to other branches in Nigeria, Kenya, Germany, Australia and several other nations. These ministries focus on increasing and enhancing the lives of individuals who have been counted down and out by society. The motto gives light to the vision of this apostolic house: “Doing Ministry on the Frontline of the Battle: Real People, Real Struggles, Real Deliverance” with a foundation on the scriptures of Jeremiah 30:17-22. Prophet A. Godday Aguocha, who is referred to as The Commanding Commander and Prophet of Solutions, is a prolific teacher and has a diverse and life changing ministerial itinerary. He specializes in prophetic deliverance and spiritual warfare, as well as, distributing to the needs of people, by way of the word of God in a no nonsense and uncompromising approach. This has allowed him to become a well sought-after prophetic ministry gift that is used mightily by the Holy Spirit to usher in change and set God’s people free from the kingdom of darkness. Prophet Godday Aguocha is, also, a cutting-edge business owner, developer and global entrepreneur. Sir White Motors has found global success in exporting. His travels have taken him across national and international soil to minister to the needs of all people groups.